support for non-openpgp cards

Simon Josefsson jas at
Tue Nov 16 22:01:11 CET 2004

Zeljko Vrba <zvrba at zax.CARNET> writes:

> 1. Is there enough interest from GPG users to pursue further development of
>    non-OpenPGP smart-cards? (either with PKCS#11 which I'd prefer

I'd like to see GnuPG support generic PKCS#11 tokens.

> I have already talked to Werner about this, and he didn't like the idea
> because of GPL license (the result of linking proprietary PKCS#11 lib with
> GPG is undefined). So please, no arguments about that. I'll leave to
> each user's conscience whether to run legally-undefined program, or not.
> MUSCLE itself is released under BSD license.

To me, the license issue seem critical, and can't be ignored like
this.  If the proprietary PKCS#11 library is GPL-incompatible (which I
suppose a "proprietary" library would be), to me this looks like a
clear a violation of the GPL.  Further, even if MUSCLE and its drivers
are BSD licensed, I believe you would have to treat the combined work
as licensed under GPL.

However, it seems like there may be both GPL-compatible PKCS#11
libraries, and GPL-compatible PKCS#11 card drivers, in which case your
work could be used legally.  So I think your work would be useful.

I didn't look at the code, I'm just speaking generally.


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