support for non-openpgp cards

"Prágai, Róbert" pragai at
Thu Nov 18 15:39:46 CET 2004

Hi Zeljko,

	big welcome for the pkcs11 patch for gnupg! We use cryptoflex e-gate 
32k cards here and planned to make such a patch, too. You were the quicker:)
	My question: is the MUSCLE pkcs11 library required for this patch or 
any other pkcs11 (e.g. opensc-pkcs11) library will do the job?

> 1. Is there enough interest from GPG users to pursue further development of
>    non-OpenPGP smart-cards? (either with PKCS#11 which I'd prefer, or with
>    MUSCLE API; if there is enough interest I'll contact the developers of
>    MUSCLE to resolve PKCS#11 issues).

	Yes there is! I think like opensc-pkcs11 support would also be nice. 
However, maybe there is no need for it if MUSCLE pkcs11 support works 
just fine...

Thanks for this patch,

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