support for non-openpgp cards

Zeljko Vrba zvrba at
Thu Nov 18 19:59:39 CET 2004

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Prágai, Róbert wrote:

| Hi Zeljko,
| big welcome for the pkcs11 patch for gnupg! We use cryptoflex
| e-gate 32k cards here and planned to make such a patch, too. You
| were the quicker:) My question: is the MUSCLE pkcs11 library
| required for this patch or any other pkcs11 (e.g. opensc-pkcs11)
| library will do the job?
I believe that any PKCS#11 implementation for that card should work in

Unfortunately, I have seen few PKCS#11 implementations (even
commercial) that correctly implement PKCS#11 spec in all relevant
aspects. So that supporting different PKCS#11 _implementation_ (even
for the same card) could result in big code changes..

So, what _in theory_ should be ONE source, _in practice_ that source
gets many #ifdefs for various PKCS#11 implementations.. :(

Even my implementation has flaws that I described in my first mail
(what I believe are bugs in MUSCLE PKCS#11 implementation). So the
only way to find out if it will work with OpenSC is to TRY and see if
it works. If it doesn't work, debug :)

I don't have much time to spend on this, but I'll give OpenSC a try
for the weekend and post the results.

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