support for non-openpgp cards

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Fri Nov 19 09:27:04 CET 2004

Zeljko Vrba <zvrba at> writes:

>I believe that any PKCS#11 implementation for that card should work in
>Unfortunately, I have seen few PKCS#11 implementations (even commercial) that
>correctly implement PKCS#11 spec in all relevant aspects. So that supporting
>different PKCS#11 _implementation_ (even for the same card) could result in
>big code changes..
>So, what _in theory_ should be ONE source, _in practice_ that source gets
>many #ifdefs for various PKCS#11 implementations.. :(

I've spent a *lot* of time tuning the PKCS #11 code in cryptlib 
( for a large number
of (often quite buggy) PKCS #11 drivers.  It's available under a GPL-
compatible licence, so you could always just use that, it'll work with pretty
much any PKCS #11 device except one or two extremely broken ones.


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