[gpgme] Moving from 0.3 to 1.0

Anthony Metcalf anthony.metcalf at anferny.ath.cx
Thu Oct 7 13:15:40 CEST 2004

Hi all,
	I am attempting to help move sylpheed from using gpgme0.3 to

I am having trouble with the GpgmeRecipients. I notice from the 0.4.1
announce that this is removed, and that I should use "NULL-Terminated
lists of keys". How do I go about doing this? 

At the moment I see 

GpgmeRecipients gpgmegtk-recipient-selection(GSList *recipients);

what should this return?

Thanks for any help, and please do bear with me, I *will* ask some silly
questions sometimes :)


p.s. if this is not the correct list, which is?

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