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Mon Aug 15 10:25:50 CEST 2005

to install on our solaris machines so I can't view the
TAR) I can't really determine what the difference is
other than maybe the way I using the key??. I am also
not real sure what the u32 seqno represents...maybe it
is specific to ssl, I don't know.  

All I am doing is  setting an unsigned char* equal to
the key as given in the example from the document.  I
call gcry_md_open with the SHA1, HMAC.  I pass the key
from above into the gcry_md_setkey function.  Then I
am taking my text buffer "Sample #1" and calling the
gcry_md_write with the text and size.  When I call
gcry_md_read and print it, I don't get the same result
as expected in the document.  I thought it was pretty
straight-forward, but I don't understand I am not
processing the examples in the document to produce the
same result.  From the ssl example, it appears I am
following the same logic.

Any help would be appreciated.

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