small bugs and a small fix (1.4.1rc2 cvs)

Stephan Beyer s-beyer at
Fri Feb 25 05:42:10 CET 2005


(I hate writing via this WebMail thingie here again, but I'm not at home,
so I must apologize for that advertisement at the end of the mail.)

David Shaw wrote:
> Still, I rather like the general idea of an interactive walk through
> each user ID.  I'll pick this up again for 1.4.2.

Thank you. So my observations about it weren't worthless :)

But I still have a question:
What is that keyword stuff for? (I asked indirectly in my last mail.)

It _sounds_ (I didn't look into the source about it.) that it's
useful for batch mode, to exactly specify yes/no-answers for specific
[I've never used batch mode before, but it could be nice to sign many
keys after the next bigger key signing party (next weekend).]

> Anyway, there is always on port 80.  It's SKS, and
> supports multiple subkeys, photo IDs, etc.

Big thanks! ;) I only found Jason's server (maybe because I like his
keyanalyze reports).

> It's not clear what the right thing to do here is.  For example,
> --sign-key or --edit-key works like --delete-keys: it stops after the
> first match.

They also could ask which key to choose, just an idea. Or - the lazy
variant - everything stays the way it is ;) As I said, it is not *really*
a problem to choose an exact match, but if it's only the fingerprint (of
course, that's very rare), it will be a bit circumstantial to run
'gpg --fingerprint' and then retype/paste the fingerprint. :)

> At one point I considered a --delete-key that had the current behavior
> (first match), and a --delete-keys (with the 's') that acted like
> --list-keys (all matches), but I was afraid that would be confusing.

Just a little, because other commands make no difference between singular
or plural.

> You're right.  I'll add a release note about this.  As you noted, it
> is only slow the first time, since after that the cache already
> exists.

Maybe I am only too impatient ;)

Jason Harris wrote:
> Try it now (with GPG 1.4.0):
>  %gpg --keyserver hkp:// --search "jis mit"

Doesn't work for me, because I am still banned from the server.
(403 Forbidden for /pks - of course, gpg just says, that there are no
results, instead of telling me that status code 403 occured.)

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