gpgme test fail (more info)

ryan p bobko ryan at
Wed Jan 12 03:21:45 CET 2005

Hi Folks,
I previously posted about some trouble I'm having running the tests from the 
gpgme /tests/gpg directory. I've now confirmed this problem on another 
system, so I thought I'd post more details. Basically, all of the tests 
appear to fail even though the compilation and linking and whatnot seem to 
succeed flawlessly.

I'm trying to GPGME version 1.0.2. I have libgpg-error 1.0 installed. I've 
tried compiling on a reasonably-updated Fedora Core 2, and a Slackware 10.0 
install. FC2 is using GCC 3.3.3, while the Slackware install is compiling 
with GCC 3.3.4. Also, the error seems to come from the call to 
 _gpgme_wait_on_condition (gpgme_ctx_t ctx, volatile int *cond)
in wait-private.c. I stuck a couple debug statements in there, and it looks 
like it goes through the while loop several times before bombing on 
 err = item->handler (item->handler_value, ctx->fdt.fds[i].fd);
(about line 120). Interestingly, the error value returned is 117440664, which 
seems unusual to me. The handler_value is 134528664, which also seems a bit 
odd to my mind.

Any ideas on what is causing this? I'm not well versed in the code, but the 
values I just quoted seem like gibberish you might get from corrupted memory 
or an overflowing uint or something.

Thanks for your attention,


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