Compiling gnupg on HP-UX 11.11

Alain Bench abnbsdloc5 at
Sun Jan 30 23:27:20 CET 2005

Hello Daves,

 On Friday, January 28, 2005 at 11:25:36 AM -0500, David M. Shaw wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 06:27:02AM -0800, Stucki, Dave wrote:
>> gpg: conversion from `utf-8' to `roman8' not available
> you have a problem converting utf8 to whatever character set

    Yes: HP-UX is known to use uncommon names for charsets, and be
over-picky about those names as parameters. It doesn't accept "UTF-8"
name which is both standard and hardcoded in GnuPG. It wants "utf8".

    There may perhaps be a workaround on the system: Creating an alias
utf-8 to utf8 in /usr/lib/nls/iconv/config.iconv or something like that.
There is an alias section, and comments about the expected format.

    Or install libiconv 1.9.2 to replace HP iconv.

> setting the locale to C.utf8 is fine.

    Fine on an UTF-8 terminal. Broken UID creation and display on a
HP-Roman8 terminal.

Bye!	Alain.
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