Detecting a PGP-Inline encrypted and/or signed message

ssdfsdlfk sldkfjsdlfksjdlfk zix_ccbt1 at
Wed Jun 15 16:40:12 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

   I was wondering if anyone knows the general
procedure that most PGP applications follow in
determining if a message has been PGP-Inline ENCRYPTED
and/or SIGNED.  I am creating a PGP-Inline detection
algorithm, and I am trying to find the lowest common
denominator in determining if a message is PGP-Inline
encrypted and/or signed.

For instance for a PGP-Inline encrypted message, could
I just look at the plaintext MIME entity in the
message, and look for the "-----BEGIN PGP
MESSAGE-----" tag in the content body?

Please help.


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