gpgme test fail (more info)

Ryan P Bobko ryan at
Sun Jun 26 16:34:37 CEST 2005

I guess we have different ideas of "explicit," then. The info page says:

"You can enable largefile support, if it is different from the default
on the system the application is compiled on, by using the Autoconf
macro `AC_SYS_LARGEFILE'.  If you do this, then you don't need to worry
about anything else: It will just work."

I am using autoconf, and included AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to my, but I 
also had to add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS and LARGEFILE_SOURCE to my Makefile before 
it worked. What threw me is that I took all the defaults for compiling GPGME, 
and I still got the errors from my previous email.


On Sunday 26 June 2005 09:58 am, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> At Sun, 26 Jun 2005 09:30:32 -0400,
> Ryan P Bobko <ryan at> wrote:
> > Hi Marcus,
> > Thanks for the reply. It seems that adding
> > to my compile step fixed the problem.
> Ah, ok.
> > All the documentation I could find said
> > that's not necessary, but it worked like a charm.
> The GPGME documentation is very explicit about it that you must define
> this.  See node "Largefile Support (LFS)" in the docs.  If you found
> something that contradicts that, please file a bug report.
> Happy hacking,
> Marcus

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