gpgme test fail (more info)

Ryan P Bobko ryan at
Sun Jun 26 17:54:19 CEST 2005

I really appreciate all the help, but I think we might be missing the point of 
my original email. At least I know I am! On my slackware and FC2 systems, 
compiling the GPGME libraries straight from the tarball created the libraries 
and a couple test programs. This happens when I take all the defaults for 
compiling and don't change anything. Compiles fine. Tests fail. I 
assume--since I haven't modified anything--that these test programs are 
compiled in the same file size mode as the library.

Of course, the reason I'm compiling GPGME in the first place is that I want to 
use it for an app I maintain. In order for that to work, I had to do all the 
other stuff I mentioned. I'm happy to report that I wasn't including config.h 
where I needed it, so you're right on the money there! (This thread is a few 
months old, and my memory is hazy ;)

At this point, I'm perfectly happy with the library, and it does what I want 
it to do. But it took me a long time to get there. 


On Sunday 26 June 2005 11:20 am, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> At Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:34:37 -0400,
> Ryan P Bobko <ryan at> wrote:
> > I guess we have different ideas of "explicit," then. The info page says:
> >
> > "You can enable largefile support, if it is different from the default
> > on the system the application is compiled on, by using the Autoconf
> > macro `AC_SYS_LARGEFILE'.  If you do this, then you don't need to worry
> > about anything else: It will just work."
> Well, how is that for explicit: "For you as the user of the library,
> this means that your program must be compiled in the same file size
> mode as the library."
> The above quoted paragraph is not about if you must enable large file
> support or not.  It is about _how_ to enable it, if you must.  One
> option to do this is to use the autotools.  Another option to do this
> is to do it manually.
> Now, you say:
> > I am using autoconf, and included AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to my,
> > but I also had to add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS and LARGEFILE_SOURCE to my
> > Makefile before it worked.
> In that case either your autoconf is broken (unlikely in this case),
> or you are not using it correctly.  If you are using a config.h file,
> you must include that.  Otherwise, you must make sure that your
> correctly get the CPPFLAGS from the configure run when the
> Makefile files are built.
> Please verify the autoconf setup in your source.  If such a simple
> test as AC_SYS_LARGEFILE does not work, there are good chances that a
> lot of tests are broken for you.
> Or just use automake, and forget about hacking Makefiles.
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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