gpg-agent not caching smartcard PINs

Joachim Breitner mail at
Sun Mar 6 20:11:36 CET 2005


(sorry for bringing this up again, but it is not fixed, so :-) )

When signing stuff with the subkey from my OpenPGP-Smartcard, the
gpg-daemon will ask gtk-pinentry to ask me for my PIN. A subsequent
signing will ask for the PIN again, although I expect gpg-daemon to
cache it. How do I fix that?

gpg-agent is running and is used. I checked using pstree: the
gtk-pinenty that is asking for my pin was indeed started by gpg-agent.

Same procedure with my primary key (using ! when specifying the keyid)
will ask for the passphrase only once.

~ $ cat ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
pinentry-program /usr/lib/pinentry/pinentry-gtk
debug 64

The signature key on the card is a subkey for my primary key in my
~ $ gpg -K
sec   1024D/4743206C 2002-08-27
uid                  Joachim Breitner <mail at>
uid                  Joachim Breitner (Jabber-ID)
<joachimbreitner at>
uid                  [NZ]Jojo <jojo at>
uid                  Joachim Breitner <nomeata at>
ssb   2048g/0E160746 2002-08-27
ssb>  1024R/2758C57B 2004-10-05
ssb>  1024R/C7602275 2004-11-07
ssb>  1024R/F64A4797 2004-11-07

My versions are, both the stock debian unstable packages:
gnupg          1.4.0-3
gnupg-agent    1.9.15-1 

Do you need more informations?



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