Two patches for cygwin build of 1.4.1rc2

Volker Quetschke quetschke at
Thu Mar 10 19:01:29 CET 2005

>>Thanks, but as the dll location is defined by the cygwin installation
>>(cf. nothing except 1., 2. and 6. is an option.
> So what you are saying is that cygin passes a full filename to
> LoadModule and uses its own logic to find that module?  Then they
> should also have a standard directory to look for or Cygwin is
> severly broken.
No, what I mean is that copying cygwin1.dll to 3. 4. or 5. is not
an option.

>>This will never happen for the cygwin distribution. The dll lives in
>><cygwin main directory>/bin. Period. This was deliberately chosen in the
>>past and will most propably not change to please one package.
> Sorry I don't understand: You say that there is a fixed location to
> look for DLLs and in particular for the cygwin DLL.  Where is the
> problem then?  GnuPG does not know about this DLL; the cygwin
> toolchain adds the code to load that DLL.
No, what I mean is when you copy the cygwin1.dll into other
directories than this location the install program is no longer able
to update it when you use it to upgrade your installation. The dll is
not explicitly loaded from a fixed location, but the first cygwin1.dll
that is found is used. But to repeat myself, having more than one
cygwin1.dll on the system is caling for trouble and prohibits an
upgrade using the setup program.


P.S.: It might be a good idea to place the cygwin1.dll (not by
yourself, but generally through the setup program into the
Windows system directory but this is not my call, and definitely not
the currenly supported/desired status.

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