Eutropos Eutropou eutropos at
Mon Mar 7 11:23:31 CET 2005

Most of keyrings related operations (adding or importing a new key, 
modifying prefs) fail on GNUpg v1.4.0 for Win32 compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 
(running on Windows NT 4.0 Workstation) due to a denied permission when 
renaming temporary keyring files.

In fact, I found that remove/DeleteFile function call fails, obviously 
preventing subsequent file renaming. The problem is: why? Perhaps is there 
an open HANDLE object somewhere (it seems that Win32 refuses to delete open 
files, specially on NT)?

I have no time to investigate, so I hope you will.
Note that some operations fail with the downloaded (MinGW32 made) GPG 
binary, too!

However, old versions I compiled myself with Visual C++ worked fine!

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