gpg-agent not caching smartcard PINs

Joachim Breitner mail at
Wed Mar 9 18:11:23 CET 2005


Am Mittwoch, den 09.03.2005, 11:19 +0100 schrieb Werner Koch:
> > When signing stuff with the subkey from my OpenPGP-Smartcard, the
> > gpg-daemon will ask gtk-pinentry to ask me for my PIN. A subsequent
> > signing will ask for the PIN again, although I expect gpg-daemon to
> Sure that changed the default on the card from
> Signature PIN ....: forced
> to "not forced"?  Force will always ask for the PIN.

Yes, I forgot to tell you, I did check it with both settings, no help. 

Maybe because of the version discrepancy somehow:
gnupg          1.4.0-3
gnupg-agent    1.9.15-1 
But even then it's probably a bug.

Or maybe because it is a subkey (though in the card's first keyslot).

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