How to synchronize keyrings?

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Martin Schoch wrote:
> Hello
>  Perhaps a strange question: How to synchronize public keys?
>  Background: I have GnuPG on a Windows and on a Linux system - on
>  both of course public keys. Sometimes I import (on both systems)
>  new keys.
>  Now I would have the same public keys on both systems?
>  I think I have to do it like this: On the Linux system (eg.) I
>  import the keys from the Windows system. Then I go back the Windows
>  system an import the updated key file form the Linux system.
>  But - is there any better and faster solution?

If the two systems are on one box ( a dual boot config) place the keyrings
on a common FAT/FAT32 partition.

Otherwise, you could binary transfer one system's pubring to file on the
other system, call it tempring.gpg and issue the comand:

   gpg --import-options allow-local-sigs --import tempring.gpg

Transfer the merged pubring to the original system and repeat the import.

Note: the the merged keyring should be able to be used directly on the
original system, just backup pubring.gpg before trying it.

You can also use --export-ownertrust and import-ownertrust to merge
trustdb files.

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