registry entry for internationalization

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Mar 17 09:33:48 CET 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 21:31:33 +0100, Bruno Haible said:

> Will gpg, on a Windows system where the user's regional settings are German,
> use the German language even if the HKCU\Software\GNU\GnuPG:Lang value is
> not set?

No, it won't.  The installer however asks for the language to install
and defaults to the one used on the system.

> Do you expect users to set their preferred language once for every program?
> If no, what is special about GPG that warrants a particular intervention
> of the user for this program?

Due to different qualities of translations users might not want to use
eird and unchecked lange XX but choose EN or DE.

> GNU gettext uses the Woe32 API call GetThreadLocale(). Do you see anything
> wrong with that?

All those locale setting under W32 are weird: Thedepend on whether it
is a GUI or command line application.  We store it in the registry and
let the user decide.

> from libc. Is there something which makes the GNU libintl library unsuitable
> for use on Woe32 systems? (I assume you would link statically with
> it and

simple-gettext has been around far longer than a port iof libintl to
W32.  And libintl requires the use of iconv.dll which we only recently
started to use. There is also no need for all these translations back
and forth - we now simply provide utf-8 encoded mo files for Windows.

> with GNU libiconv. It's not worth going into DLL hassles because of it.)

Except for iconv which is far too large to link statically and also
useful for other implementations.  The installer checks whether an
iconv.dll is already available and installs it only (local to GnuPG
then) if it is not available or too old.



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