Testing the new http code in 1.4.1

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Fri Mar 18 15:55:25 CET 2005

David Shaw <dshaw at jabberwocky.com> writes:

> 1) Build with the configure option --with-libcurl.  If you have
>    libcurl installed, you should end up with a new program
>    'gpgkeys_curl', that supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS.  If you
>    don't have libcurl installed, nothing should happen.

CURL might be a good way to get DNS keyserver support into GPG.
Simply add DNS functionality to CURL, according to my DNS URI spec:


And then it would work automatically.  Or?  Are the protocols that is
supported via CURL in GPG hard coded?  I note that CURL support many
other protocols too.  I would assume the situation is similar with
them.  What I'm asking is: is it possible to retrieve OpenPGP keys
from, say, LDAP servers through the CURL support in GPG now?

This might be better than the gpgkeys_dns Perl script, which has a
dependency on Net::DNS that may not be widely available.



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