Incorrect gpgme_wait behavior

Igor Belyi gpgme at
Wed Mar 30 01:59:53 CEST 2005


gpgme_wait(ctx, &status, 0) on timeout returns ctx instead of NULL which
makes it difficult to distinguish from a program return when ctx in not NULL.
Plus, on timeout status is unchanged instead of being forced into 0.
As a work around I set status to 0xFFFF (an impossible error code)
and check if it got changed during the call.

Attached is a small patch making it to follow the documented way:
returning NULL, status=0 on timeouts
returning NULL, status=<gpgme_wait_error> on gpgme_wait() failure
returning ctx,  status=<async_call_status> on an asynchornous progrem return.

Hope it helps,

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