Cross compilation of gpgme on Fedora Core 4

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 26 22:00:45 CEST 2005

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:42:08 +0200, Marcus Brinkmann said:

> Frankly, I think --build-w32 should only be used by Werner ;)

I have to jump in here ;-)

Aside from being a more convenient way of specify that long host
string, --build-w32 has other adavantages if you are going to build
several related projects for W32:

* There is a standard install target directory: $w32root which
  defaults to ~/w32root. This is required because the usual /usr/local
  default is obviously not suitable for cross compiling.

* For some projects (e.g. GnuPG 1.9) you need to use several
  --disable-foo or --with-bar configure options.  Maybe I am too to
  remember all options, thus I use a convenient place to
  collect this information.

* There are several cross-compiler kist available, all with different
  features and requirements.  It is not sure whether i586--mingw32msvc
  will be the --host name of choice for all times.  Having a way to
  detect the available kit is a Good Thing and really helped once when
  I started to switch frok mingw/cpd to Debian's cross compiler.

Having said this, I believe that the ./ --build-w32
convention is a pretty solid one for developers having to work with a
lot of W32 ports.  For certain projects like gpg4win it does not make
sense if these projects intrinsically define their environment.



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