OpenPGP Card

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Mon Sep 5 18:30:24 CEST 2005

I wrote:

>Oh, that's the old Aladdin stuff.  Well, they've certainly come a *long* way
>since I last looked at them - in the 1999-2000 time frame they had the worst
>PKCS #11 driver I've ever seen, and their "support" consisted of telling you
>to buy more copies of their $700 SDK to see whether they'd fixed any of the
>bugs in the version you already had.

Argh, sorry, wrong driver, it's the ActivCard drivers (and support) that were
that bad, not Aladdin.  Aladdin (and by extension ASECard and Athena Cards,
and eTokens as well) work just fine.  Just to repeat that: Nothing wrong with
Aladdin's PKCS #11.


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