poldi bug: SIGSEGV if no reader

Moritz Schulte mo at g10code.com
Sat Apr 1 11:33:58 CEST 2006


> Similarly, if another application (such as scdaemon) is holding the
> card open from pcscd, pcscd tells poldi "sharing violation" and poldi
> aborts the whole process rather than cleanly returning a PAM code for
> "couldn't authenticate".

Hmm.. I have scdaemon running right now.  And trying to use Poldi causes
the authentication process to fail with the following messages in my

Mar 31 19:30:16 localhost su[13220]: [Poldi] pcsc_establish_context
failed: no service (0x8010001d)
Mar 31 19:30:17 localhost su[13220]: [Poldi] Failure: Card error
Mar 31 19:30:17 localhost su[13220]: pam_authenticate: Authentication
Mar 31 19:30:17 localhost su[13220]: - pts/6 moritz:root

I am not sure where exactly Poldi aborts execution for you.

> I understand scdaemon is holding the card open to allow PIN caching?

Not really.  scdaemon is simply an smartcard access middleware for our
Gnupg components.  It provides a high-level interface for smartcard
related operations like e.g. cryptographic operations, retrival of
smartcard data, etc.

> That's rather problematic, because then it will never be able to
> coexist peacefully with poldi.

Right now, scdaemon and poldi cannot run simultanously - sad but true.
Hopefuly this will be solved one day.


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