GPGol Questions and Thoughts

Alan Jones alan at
Sat Apr 8 16:25:57 CEST 2006

I hope this is the right place to post this, I think this is where I was
previously directed.

I have just started using GPGol though the gpg4win project and have
version 0.9.8 installed.

I found out though trial and error and some lucky reading in the gpg4win
lists that you can not use GPGol just by doing in Outlook menu ACTIONS
-> New Message -> Plain Text.  I generally don't sign every message I
write.  I also like having Word as my default editor as it underlines
words I misspell as I type them.

Is there any chance that:
1. An option and associated icons could be added so that using Word as
the default editor in Plain Text mode would easily allow for signing
and/or encrypting mail?

2. An option that a message could be written with Word as the default
editor even in HTML mode. Then have associated warnings and optional
conversion to convert the message back to text.  I have seen Enigmail
for Thunderbird do this.  It is very nice.
Enigmail also has an option to rewrap signed HTML text before sending.

3. If the above two options are not possible what about an icon on the
main Outlook tool bar and associated text that says "Write a new GnuPG
message"?  This would start the Outlook Editor even if Word was set as
the default editor for Outlook?  That way those of us that liked Word as
the default for most stuff could still easily get to the Outlook editor
for GnuPG related items.  I was hoping this option could be easy enough
that it could be something added in a near release.

On an unrelated note what does the check box option "Show HTML version
is possible" mean in GnuPG Options dialog?  How does that work?

Please consider adding a few  more options like key singing rules like
Enigmail has.

Any chance of getting GPGol to work on older versions of Outlook?   I
know it was stared that anything lower then 2003 with SP2 was to buggy,
but sometimes I know new thoughts and ides will come up.

Does anyone know of GPGol would work with the new Outlook 12 aka Outlook
2007 or are there plans to test this with the current Microsoft Betas?

I know that Office 12 is in beta and still a year out from what I have
read the the Outlook Plug-in parts should be fairly stable so that other
companies can start making plug-ins for Outlook 12.  I know of some
people already using MS Office 12 as their main platform.

If you all later support multiple versions of Outlook (older or newer)
please consider an option to install GPGol on multiple Outlook
installations on the same machine.  On some machines I end up running
multiple versions of MS Office (I know that can be tricky with some MS
Office apps).

Would it be worth making the g10 Code page for GPGol a little more
generic without the version number and just a link to the files listing
and a link to the Gpg4win site?

Sorry for such a long post.

Thanks for all the help and hard work on great products.


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