GPGME v1.0.3 on Win32

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Sat Apr 22 09:50:01 CEST 2006

At Sat, 22 Apr 2006 12:30:17 +0800,
David ARMOUR <david.armour at> wrote:
> Marcus,
> In order to build the tools with a cross-compiler, can I do it with CYGWIN
> on a Win32 platform or must I do it in a true UNIX platform, like LINUX?

I am not sure.  We use GNU/Linux, so I don't have any experience
compiling on Cygwin.  In the worst case, you could run GNU/Linux in an
emulated or virtualised environment (Qemu, Xen, ...).

From a quick google search, it appears that there is some support in
Cygwin to do this, and the MingW installation for Cygwin should enable
this support (I am talking about the -mno-cygwin compiler option).
However, there also some caveats, and it seems you won't get identical
results (but hopefully compatible ones).  If you try it out, why not
let us know how it went?  It certainly sounds like fun and has
hack-value.  The safe bet, and likely the simpler and less time
consuming, however, is to use GNU/Linux.


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