GPGME v1.0.3 on Win32

David ARMOUR david.armour at
Sat Apr 22 06:30:17 CEST 2006


In order to build the tools with a cross-compiler, can I do it with CYGWIN
on a Win32 platform or must I do it in a true UNIX platform, like LINUX?

Thanks for the info about GPG4WIN.


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> Hi!
> I saw a previous thread from 2002 on the subject of compiling GPGME which
stated I must use:
> ./
> ./configure
> make
> I am trying to compile GPGME library 1.0.3 for Win32 using the MinGW
compiler and MSYS environment.

If you really want to build it yourself, here are a couple of hints.
Otherwise, skip this paragraph and read on below.  We currently only
support cross compilation.  This works just like any other cross
compilation (using "--host i586-mingw32msvc" and the other appropriate
options).  Or you can check out the --build-w32 option to

> Can you please give me some advice on compiling or obtaining a
> pre-compiled Win32 MinGW compatible version of GPGME.

For your convenience, we have a new project, GPG4Win, which contains
GPGME and a lot of other GnuPG related packages.  It is available from

The GPG4Win sources also contain all the information about how to
cross build all these tools, but of course only indirectly via the
automated build rules.


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