Proxy problems

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 13 16:09:52 CET 2006

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:43, dshaw at said:

> Drat.  The HTTP_FLAG_NO_SHUTDOWN stuff was removed in the curl-shim.

I noticed that and it is on my list of things we need to clarify.

> I can put it back for 1.4.7, but I wonder why do shutdown() at all?

Shutting down the write end of the socket used to be necessary at the
time I implemented HKP access.  Looking at the ChangeLog does not
reveal the actual reason except that it has been there since the

Sat Jan 16 09:27:30 CET 1999  Werner Koch  <wk at>

	* http.c: New

Wed Jan 20 21:40:21 CET 1999  Werner Koch  <wk at>

	* http.c (http_wait_response): Moved the shutdown behind the dup

2001-04-23  Werner Koch  <wk at>

	* http.c (http_wait_response): Implement new flag to inhibit the
	TCP shutdown.

I assume that the original hkp keyserver required a shutdown because
it implemented only pre HTTP 1.0 and failed to take the empty line
after the headers of a GET as the end of a request.  We used to have
an option to suppress the shutdown:

# If you have problems connecting to a HKP server through a buggy http
# proxy, you can use keyserver option broken-http-proxy (see below),
# but first you should make sure that you have read the man page
# regarding proxies (keyserver option honor-http-proxy)

David, you remember why we dropped it?



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