[GPGME] gpgme_get_key vs. gpgme_op_keylist_start

Stephan Menzel smenzel at gmx-gmbh.de
Thu May 4 15:48:18 CEST 2006

Am Dienstag, 2. Mai 2006 19:25 schrieben Sie:
> To have a working example, you may want to have a look at my "transparent"
> implementation in the MUA balsa for evaluating gpg and s/mime signatures
> using gpgme: <URL:http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/balsa/libbalsa/gmime-gpgme-
> signature.c?rev=1.8&view=log>

Very interesting.
You are doing this pretty much the same way I did. In the meantime I even 
figuered out what was wrong. I had this in my initialization routines:

gpgme_set_keylist_mode(_ctx, GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_EXTERN);

...assuming that would imply MODE_INTERN plus some efforts to retrieve the 
keys via keyservers. This was apparently not the case. When I erased this 
part, gpgme_get_gey() got me the right key to the fingerprint. Very weird 
indeed, I must have misunderstood the manual here.

However, thanks for your example! I didn't know balsa does S/MIME. I used to 
be a balsa user before I switched to Evolution because in those times balsa 
wasn't capable of S/MIME.

Thanks and greetings....

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