[GPGME] gpgme_get_key vs. gpgme_op_keylist_start

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at arcor.de
Thu May 4 21:29:41 CEST 2006

Am 04.05.06 15:48 schrieb(en) Stephan Menzel:
> I didn't know balsa does S/MIME. I used to be a balsa user before I  
> switched to Evolution because in those times balsa wasn't capable of  

I'm not sure if many people use it with balsa.  It needs gpgsm and the  
whole chain of tools which are usually not included in the mainstream  
distos.  Therefore, the feature is still marked as experimental.

It would be great, though, if somebody (maybe you ;-) could try it again;  
I'm pretty sure that the crypto stuff works fine (as it uses gpgme), but  
probably the UI needs some polish...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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