documentation in texi format

Thomas Hühn huehn-ml at
Thu Nov 2 20:27:52 CET 2006

Werner Koch <wk <at>> writes:

> $ make gnupg.pdf gnupg.html

Okay, but I need at least a successful configure run for that (to get the
Makefile), right? I wanted to avoid that.
> > Making info file `' from `gpg.texi'.
> If you want to do it from individual parts, you need to write a short
> top level file.
> > gpg.texi:42: Unknown command `manpage'.
> > gpg.texi:48: Unknown command `mansect'.
>  <at> c A couple of macros with no effect on texinfo
>  <at> c but used by the yat2m processor. 
>  <at> macro manpage {a}
>  <at> end macro
>  <at> macro mansect {a}
>  <at> end macro
>  <at> macro manpause 
>  <at> end macro
>  <at> macro mancont
>  <at> end macro

Ah, I saw those lines in the yat2m file, pasted them to the top of gnupg.texi
and had no luck. I don't know anything about Texinfo, so I thought that might
work. :-)
So now I try it under Linux. I have installed all the dependencies (libassuan et
al) successfully (make check gives no errors).

And I got the documentation now. Thanks for helping out.


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