documentation in texi format

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Nov 2 17:02:57 CET 2006

On Thu,  2 Nov 2006 07:38, Thomas Hühn said:

> How do I generate HTML, plain text or PDF from gpg.texi in the doc subdirectory
> of gnupg-1.9.92? I don't want to build the software, just read the documentation.

$ make gnupg.pdf gnupg.html

> Making info file `' from `gpg.texi'.

If you want to do it from individual parts, you need to write a short
top level file.

> gpg.texi:42: Unknown command `manpage'.
> gpg.texi:48: Unknown command `mansect'.

@c A couple of macros with no effect on texinfo
@c but used by the yat2m processor. 
@macro manpage {a}
@end macro
@macro mansect {a}
@end macro
@macro manpause 
@end macro
@macro mancont
@end macro

> Aree the texi files to be pre-processed by some tool? Am I misunderstanding

No, it is just that there are things missing.

> It works with the documentation of gnupg-1.4.0, though.

Tehre we build texinfo from SGML.  This has changed in 1.9, where we
use textinfo as the source.  1.4.6 will also use Texinfo as the source
(in fact using the same same source as 1.9 just with some defines).



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