documentation in texi format

Thomas Hühn huehn-ml at
Thu Nov 2 07:38:39 CET 2006


How do I generate HTML, plain text or PDF from gpg.texi in the doc subdirectory
of gnupg-1.9.92? I don't want to build the software, just read the documentation.

I thought, makeinfo or texi2html or texi2dvi should be the answer, but none of
these work.

makeinfo gives me (this is from a Windows version, but I see the same problems
under Fedora Core 6):

makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.8
Making info file `' from `gpg.texi'.
Formatting node Invoking GPG...
gpg.texi:42: Unknown command `manpage'.
gpg.texi:48: Unknown command `mansect'.
gpg.texi:62: Unknown command `mansect'.
gpg.texi:85: Unknown command `manpause'.
gpg.texi:92: Unknown command `mancont'.
gpg.texi:112: Unknown command `mansect'.
Formatting node GPG Commands...
Formatting node General GPG Commands...
gpg.texi:144: Unknown command `gnupgtabopt'.
gpg.texi:144: Misplaced {.
gpg.texi:144: Misplaced }.
Too many errors!  Gave up.

Aree the texi files to be pre-processed by some tool? Am I misunderstanding
something completely and these aren't Texinfo files?

It works with the documentation of gnupg-1.4.0, though.


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