GnuPG 1.9.23 released

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Sep 19 16:07:13 CEST 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 15:20, Werner Koch wrote:
> We are pleased to announce the availability of GnuPG 1.9.23 - the
> branch of GnuPG heading towards a GnuPG 2.0 and featuring the OpenPGP
> as well as the S/MIME protocol.
> This is a BETA release and not suitable for production use!

I have added a wish for a Debian experimental package

> Note, that gpg2 is now build by default and may actually be used.
> There are some minor things missing but most people should not be
> affected by this.
> Please test this release and report bugs.  If you are a translator,
> please do not yet start with translations but wait for the first
> release candidate which is planned for early October.

> Improving GnuPG is costly, but you can help!  We are looking for
> organizations that find GnuPG useful and wish to contribute back.  You
> can contribute by reporting bugs, improve the software, or by donating
> money.
> Commercial support contracts for GnuPG are available, and they help
> finance continued maintenance.  g10 Code GmbH, a Duesseldorf based
> company owned and headed by gpg's principal author, is currently
> funding GnuPG development.  We are always looking for interesting
> development projects.

Managing Director - Owner,       (Free Software Company)
Germany Coordinator,       (Non-Profit Org for Free Software)   (Email/Groupware Solution, Professional Service)
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