gpgsm 1.9.22 supports no RC2 Algorithm ?

M Hoeller M_Hoeller at
Thu Apr 19 22:32:53 CEST 2007

Hello all,

it seems that there are recently problems wenn KMail/gpgsm should 
decrypt mails form Thunderbird.  gpgsm complains that a RC2 Algorithm 
is used from TB which is not supported in gpgsm (what is corrcet, 
thanks Werner).
Well the TB folks swear that TB sends not RC2 by default. There is 
some guessing out that KMail/gpgsm does not request 3DES and that for 
this reason TB sends RC2.
Well my knowledg is to poor at this point to go ahead, I have to asked 
the experts. 
I have check 3 Mails from different persons the TB on Mac and Debain 
where my KMail 1.9.6 with gpgsm 1.9.22 openSUSE 10.2 complains that a 
RC2 algorithm is used. dumpasn1 reports all of them as RC2.

At this point I do not know who is rigth or wrong. What would be a 
procedure to check if it is TB, gpgsm or both ??

Thanks a lot 

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