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Wed Jan 31 19:41:11 CET 2007

Hello Werner,

on Wed, 31 Jan 2007 15:24:18 +0100, Werner Koch wrote:

>> As long as anon remailing doesn't attract attention I'm sceptical
>> about that.
>Though I am running a big TOR exit node, I am more interested in anon
>remailing than in TOR.  That is what would make GnuPG a real guard of

Tor is nice to have, but it's neither really secure nor does it cover
the most sensitive kind of communication, which is individual email
conversation. That's why I made it my business to develop an easy to
use Windows proxy as a gateway to the Mixmaster network that has to
work with every mail/news client application, is it in a native
environment or from within Wine. Security and convenience have to meet
to make anon remailing a success, hand rolling of messages is no
alternative. And even if the latency of remailing can't be tolerated
automated Whole-Message-Encryption would bring a huge amount of
privacy. And of course with all those strategies GnuPG is a central

>>>  Mixminion is not a suitable drop in replacement.
>> It's still in an early stage of development with nym support not
>> implemented yet. Within a few years we'll know. ;-)
>Not using the GPL for it definitely didn't helped to gain attraction.
>For the next time in which we have to live with the semi-centralized
>email system, Mixmaster is a Good Thing.  Thus I am really keen to see
>a free Mixmaster implementation.

The Mixmaster license doesn't imply any restriction of use. I see one
problem in the disregard of Windows users, so that there are no
official binaries for years now. But mainly it's the handling of the
remailer system that deters or overstretches most potential users.
IMHO only a background service that handles the complete message I/O
transparently in an unattended manner will make it accepted on a
broader base. PGP/GPG also wouldn't have gained momentum without all
those more or less ergonomic frontends, which mostly still leave a lot
of room for improvement as well. There are similar deficits and,
maybe, solutions.

Kind regards

OmniMix .. protect your privacy

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