Feature request: --creation-date option

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Jan 31 15:24:18 CET 2007

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 14:04, gnupg-devel_list at danner-net.de said:

> But look at other well-known projects like Tor. AFAICS it's still
> accompanied by OpenSSL DLLs with built-in IDEA support, though IMHO
> there's no need to do so and it would be no problem to compile them
> without.

My OpenSSL has not support for IDEA ;-)

> As long as anon remailing doesn't attract attention I'm sceptical
> about that.

Though I am running a big TOR exit node, I am more interested in anon
remailing than in TOR.  That is what would make GnuPG a real guard of

>>  Mixminion is not a suitable drop in replacement.
> It's still in an early stage of development with nym support not
> implemented yet. Within a few years we'll know. ;-)

Not using the GPL for it definitely didn't helped to gain attraction.

For the next time in which we have to live with the semi-centralized
email system, Mixmaster is a Good Thing.  Thus I am really keen to see
a free Mixmaster implementation.



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