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Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at
Fri May 4 12:00:17 CEST 2007

Dear List,
                now for the documentation: not always the Cinderella of
development (2.0.3 8? that looks busy!), but almost always the
Cinderella of clean building...

make gnupg.html fails because gnupg.dvi is missing (!)
make gnupg.dvi "works", but produces gnupg.pdf

That last sounded suspiciously like something I'd seen before,
but it turned out not to be a previous gnupg build.
After much tedious grovelling with ad hoc patched versions
of texi2dvi, I found my notes on the similar bug (in gdb, which
ought to get a message from me too).  It's the local copy of
texinfo.tex, in the scripts/ directory.  This is old (though not
nearly as old as the one in gdb-6.6!).  Deleting it and using the
copy installed with tetex-3.0 doesn't work either (in fact, it
seems even worse).   Installing the latest version, as suggested
in texinfo.tex itself, works like a charm.  Well, like one of those
charms that work, anyway.  Charmingly.
My latest download from
is brand, spankingly new - with version "2007-05-03.09" .

I suggest
(i) shipping with a more recent texinfo.tex as a
    matter of routine (something to do with each release?).
(ii) Issuing a warning in the README about the use of the
    local copy


(i) remove texinfo.tex from GnuPG
(ii) tell the reader to have a working TeX installation,
     including a recent texinfo.tex. .

So much for gnupg.dvi .

Now back to gnupg.html...

gnupg-badge-openpgp.gif is missing (and the document
generation stops at once when this is discovered).
Simply adding in a random *.gif file named
gnupg-badge-openpgp.gif into the doc/ directory (source
OR build tree) seems to solve the problem.  But let's have
the proper *.gif file, please!

Oh, another thing which caught my eye:
The "glossary" is briefly described as "Short descrition of used terms".
I suppose "description" was meant.  Also, it's better English to say
"terms used", not "used terms".  This is one of the (few) English
adjectives whose meaning varies with position.  A "used term" is
like a used car.  I wouldn't want to use one of those in my nice
clean expressions.

Bernard Leak.
GnuPG - now protecting your English as well as your privacy!
Soon to replace the Académie Française too!

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