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Werner Koch wk at
Fri May 4 13:11:23 CEST 2007

On Fri,  4 May 2007 12:00, thisisnotapipe at said:

> seems even worse).   Installing the latest version, as suggested
> in texinfo.tex itself, works like a charm.  Well, like one of those
> charms that work, anyway.  Charmingly.
> My latest download from
> is brand, spankingly new - with version "2007-05-03.09" .

Okay, I will use this one.

> (i) shipping with a more recent texinfo.tex as a
>    matter of routine (something to do with each release?).

>From time to time I update the standard files (e.g. config.guess).  This
is usually done with automake --add-missing --force.  I have just
upgraded to automake 1.10 and that one installs a relatively fresh copy
of texinfo.tex - however I'll keep the one mentioned above.

> gnupg-badge-openpgp.gif is missing (and the document

Hmm, the GNU project does not use GUIF files (well the patent recently
expied, so it might be okay now).  Anyway, we have a new logo and the
manual uses that one now.  But it is still missing.  I added the PNG to

> The "glossary" is briefly described as "Short descrition of used terms".
> I suppose "description" was meant.  Also, it's better English to say
> "terms used", not "used terms".  This is one of the (few) English
> adjectives whose meaning varies with position.  A "used term" is
> like a used car.  I wouldn't want to use one of those in my nice
> clean expressions.

Fixed.  I will remember this in future.



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