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Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at
Sat May 5 16:18:55 CEST 2007

Dear List,
               thanks to all responsible for the shiny new release
of libgcrypt.

The version of libgcrypt required for the current live gnupg should be
found and set in (the latest stable release is too old,
and this wasn't detected until the build failed).  A check-out from the live
tree made in small hours of this morning, and it builds (so, not too
old, then!).

Should still say it's for the '1.9' release, as it does at
the top?  I think it would be useful if noted (as it does
for libgcrypt) the latest svn revision number.  Then I could refer to
it unambiguously.

I attach a patch which should make building the docs. in a separate
build tree cleaner (and work).  It has UN*X (LF) -style line-breaks.
A bzipped version should be available for the foreseeable future in

Several of the rules merely add to dependency lists.
The only "magic" is that fake.html (a pseudo-target for putting
the images in the gnupg.html output tree) is added AFTER
the automatically-generated dependency list, so it acts as
a sort of "do me last".  Thus, the gnupg.html directory is
assumed to exist already.
If you like, make it squeaky-clean by giving fake.html
dependencies on the copies of the files:

A VERY Gnu Make - dependent version might look like this

HTMLIMAGES = gnupg-logo.png gnupg-card-architecture.png
INSTALLEDHTMLIMAGES = $(foreach i,$(HTMLIMAGES),gnupg.html/$i)

fake.html : gnupg.html $(INSTALLEDHTMLIMAGES)

$(INSTALLEDHTMLIMAGES): gnupg.html/%.png : %.png
	cp $< $@

be used as appropriate in the OTHER lists of distribution files,
targets, sources, &c.

Once again (see patch...) an alternative is to invoke 'make'
recursively to provide a 'wrapper' around default rules.
Preconditions are easy: postactions are tiresome.

Bernard Leak.<

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