gnupg: a(nother) documentation patch, and

Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at
Sat May 5 16:27:31 CEST 2007

Dear List,
                sorry - here are a few notes which didn't make it
into my last posting.

Should gnupg-badge-openpgp.* still be in there?
The string 'gnupg-badge' currently only occurs inside these
files themselves, their shadows in .svn, and in .svn/entries,
and the Changelog.  Unless there's an encrypted build script
or something in there, these files now seem to be entirely

An odditiy: reports failing to find the subordinate
*.eps sources, but carries on anyway, without an error.
This, in addition to having no way (outside TEXINPUTS)
of adding search paths...

By the way, as usual,
makeinfo --plaintext -o gnupg.txt  <source directory>/doc/gnupg.texi
works fine.

Bernard Leak

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