gnupg: a(nother) documentation patch, and

Werner Koch wk at
Tue May 8 09:34:09 CEST 2007

On Sat,  5 May 2007 16:18, thisisnotapipe at said:

> The version of libgcrypt required for the current live gnupg should be
> found and set in (the latest stable release is too old,
> and this wasn't detected until the build failed).  A check-out from the live

That was actually a regression in the SVN.  I have fixed it and tested
with libgcrypt 1.2.2.

> Should still say it's for the '1.9' release, as it does at
> the top?  I think it would be useful if noted (as it does


> for libgcrypt) the latest svn revision number.  Then I could refer to
> it unambiguously.

You mean the AC_REVISION?  This is a bit problematic as it does not
indicate whether the whole tree has been updated to this revision.  It
might only be this file.  There is no simple way to check for it. You
need to manually do an

  svn up
  ./ --force

to get the correct svn revision into the version string.

> I attach a patch which should make building the docs. in a separate
> build tree cleaner (and work).  It has UN*X (LF) -style line-breaks.
> A bzipped version should be available for the foreseeable future in

Thanks.  I fixed it in another way using the install-html-local target.
The postscript building has also been fixed by changing the DVIPS
command (this is less intrusive that changing default rules).



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