Ben Kibbey bjk at
Sun Nov 11 17:38:01 CET 2007

I'm having problems with assuan_inquire_ext() from version 1.0.3. The
After reading the inquire from the client I call assuan_process_done().
When a new inquire is needed using the same ctx, assuan_inquire_ext()
returns ASSUAN_Nested_Commands because ctx->in_inquire isn't reset after

Also after closing a ctx with assuan_deinit_server() after a
assuan_inquire_ext(), a segfault occurs because
_assuan_inquire_release() tries to free ctx->inquire_membuf which was
already freed from _assuan_inquire_ext_cb().

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or are these bugs?


Benjamin J. Kibbey bjk at
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