Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Mon Nov 12 15:27:23 CET 2007

At Sun, 11 Nov 2007 11:38:01 -0500,
Ben Kibbey <bjk at> wrote:
> I'm having problems with assuan_inquire_ext() from version 1.0.3. The
> After reading the inquire from the client I call assuan_process_done().

What do you mean by reading?  After assuan_inquire_ext, you should
loop over assuan_process_next until the callback handler you
registered is invoked.  At that point, the internal variable
in_inquire will be set to 0 and you can call assuan_process_done and
continue normally.

> When a new inquire is needed using the same ctx, assuan_inquire_ext()
> returns ASSUAN_Nested_Commands because ctx->in_inquire isn't reset after
> assuan_process_done().

The documentation in the manual says this:

  It is not possible to use @code{assuan_inquire} in a command
  handler, as this function blocks on receiving the inquired data from
  the client.  Instead, the asynchronous version
  @code{assuan_inquire_ext} needs to be used (see below), which
  invokes a callback when the client provided the inquired data.  A
  typical usage would be for the command handler to register a
  continuation with @code{assuan_inquire_ext} and return 0.
  Eventually, the continuation would be invoked by
  @code{assuan_process_next} when the client data arrived.  The
  continuation could complete the command and eventually call

> Also after closing a ctx with assuan_deinit_server() after a
> assuan_inquire_ext(), a segfault occurs because
> _assuan_inquire_release() tries to free ctx->inquire_membuf which was
> already freed from _assuan_inquire_ext_cb().

Thanks, I committed the following fix (untested):

Index: assuan-inquire.c                                                         
--- assuan-inquire.c    (revision 276)                                          
+++ assuan-inquire.c    (working copy)                                          
@@ -321,6 +321,7 @@
          rc = _assuan_error (ASSUAN_Out_Of_Core);                              
        free_membuf (mb);                                                       
        free (mb);                                                              
+       ctx->inquire_membuf = NULL;                                             
     ctx->in_inquire = 0;                                                       
     (ctx->inquire_cb) (ctx->inquire_cb_data, rc, buf, buf_len);                


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