gpg-agent and pinentry docs and testing

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Wed Oct 31 14:00:32 CET 2007

At Wed, 31 Oct 2007 12:41:27 +0100,
Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Is there a way documented how to use pinentry in automated testing?

Not documented.  The GPGME test suite does this, however.

> Especially GUI testing?

Never done that.
> I have heard that there are keys possible without passphrase
> Is this true for both gpg and gpgsm?

Yes.  In GPGME, we also use the old passphrase-fd mechanism for gpg
(for this, we unset GPG_AGENT_INFO).

However, for a function like genkey this is not sufficient.

> As pinentry would not pop up then, I guess, this would only allow
> to test part of the code path, as there is no call to pinentry now.

> Is there a different way to feed the gpg-agent a passphrase
> when it calls pinentry? Maybe a pinentry for testing?

This is possible, but such a pinentry has not been implemented yet.
It would be quite easy to script one, though, as it does not have to
do much.

You could also use the preset passphrase mechanism of gpg-agent.
However, it would be good idea to start a new gpg-agent for the test
session then for cleanliness.

> BTW: I found minor issues with documentation, while search for this.
> See attached patch.

Applied, thanks.

> Is there a way with textinfo to have "info gpgsm" also open the
> same page as "info gnupg2" does now?

Should already be the case.  In doc/gnupg.texi:

* gpg2: (gnupg).           OpenPGP encryption and signing tool.
* gpgsm: (gnupg).          S/MIME encryption and signing tool.
@end direntry


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