scim and pinentry-gtk2

Robby Workman rw at
Tue Apr 8 20:17:42 CEST 2008

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Mon,  7 Apr 2008 21:09, marcus.brinkmann at said:
>> If it can be implemented without linking to any more libraries, I
>> would suggest a command line option to enable external input methods.
> Command line options are cumbersome because we would need to implement
> them in gpg-agent and and gpgconf too.

Aha; I should have read this one before replying - I didn't consider
gpgconf, but yeah, this was one of my concerns.

>> towards more GNOME/Gtk compliance, it might make sense to provide two
>> separate versions of pinentry: A hardened version based on the current
> That's also my suggestion.  Our framework makes it pretty easy to add new
> pinentries

Ideally, this could be done with native gtk, but yeah, if it can't be
done within the ideals you guys set, a new pinentry-scim binary would
certainly be acceptable, I think.


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