cacheid and preset_passphrase

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Thu Aug 7 08:42:55 CEST 2008

On Thu,  7 Aug 2008 02:16, bjk at said:

> On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 10:22:20PM -0400, Ben Kibbey wrote:
>> I have a couple of questions about gpg-agent. First, how do I determine
>> an unused cache ID? Another application may be using a specified cache
>> ID and I wouldn't want to meddle with it or retrieve an invalid value.

The cache ID is currently just a hash and as such there is virtually no
chance that you get into problems.  Weel, unless you assign severeal
passphrases to a keygrip.

>> Second, is there an equivalent PRESET_PASSPHRASE to update an existing
>> cache ID rather than a key grip?

As of now any hex string will do as cache ID.

> Anyone working on gpg-agent have comments about this? I could write a
> patch if whoever is maintaining gpg-agent is willing to include it. I
> need this feature for my app which doesn't use a key grip. I'd rather

There is definitely room to extend the caching system.  My id would be
to use a namespaces in the form of:



That is pretty simple and implementation will be pretty easy.  I won't
object to a command creating a new cache ID, however a cache ID created
by the client from a timestamp and some other data should always work.

Just let me know and I implement it; you my also send a patch as long as
you do the FSF paperwork.



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