GnuPG Port for Symbian

Niels Dettenbach nd at
Mon Aug 25 12:13:32 CEST 2008

Dear List readers and devels,

im still wondering if the is no GnuPG port today for Symbian OS wich is widely 
spread on mobile phones worldwide - even as GnuPG still seems to be ported 
for a lot of difference operating systems.

The last posting / thread  I've found about this issue was in 2000:

Since Symbian published their developement kit (for windows and linux afaik) 
plus more and more API docs, the phones got more memory and cpu power - i 
assume GnuPG porting to it should be a much easier task then a few years ago. 

Even Perl and Python got a OS port on Symbian. The Python port still has wide 
access to all phone and GUI functions of the phones (may be could be used for 
GnuPG GUI interoperability) - or see asex. the mobile webserver project.

Many users today are using their phones for email communication and the 
storage of (may be) sensible files on their phones - and many users (if they 
knwo it or not) are using Symbian based phones. With the USB storage 
capability the phone could be used as a "secure" smart crypt or signing 
device over USB storage with not trusted PCs o.o. hardware too.

The only (commercial) "email crypto" software product i've found 
was "CryptoGraf" wich seems not working properly and is no OS product (so not 
trustful for me and most other GPG users).

Is there anyone who is currently working on a GnuPG port for Symbian OS or 
knows a working port?

many thanks for your time...



  Niels Dettenbach
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