Igor Belyi gpgme at
Tue Jan 8 15:04:13 CET 2008

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Yes, this would be cool, even if it is just a remark saying that it
> works with the latest version.
Well, as a user of Debian 'unstable' I know it works with GPGME 1.1.5 
but you are right that I may need to have this info back on the SF page 
as well. I'll see if that could be automated.

> Our experience with a few libraries wrapped in SWIG is that it tends to be 
> hard on the interesting interface cases and usually produces binding that are 
> not very pythonic nor high level. Thus we went back doing direct wrappers 
> without SWIG as it did caused more work whenever we had a special case and
> interface tend to consist out out special causes.
It looks like GPGME is very good candidate for the SWIG - its interface 
design is almost object oriented so that there are very few supporting 
classes necessary to make it python friendly. And I do believe 'E' in 
there stands for 'Easy' which is the  usual requirement for the 'high 
level' bindings. :)

> I would want Mailman and roundup to be able to receive and send encrypted 
> emails, at some point in time we will give it a shot with pyme and then you 
> will get reports. ;)
I'd recommend to start with examples provided with pyme. There's even 
some Glade based GUI ones if you like that sort of things. :)

And as for the reports - Bring them on! ;)


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