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On Saturday 05 January 2008 00:07, Igor Belyi wrote:
> >>

> > This looks abandoned, lowlevel and is based on SWIG.
> > Nevertheless it could be a start.

> I didn't abandon it. It works for me fine and there was no bug filed for
> some time - that's why there no activity. 

ah, good to know!

> I naively thought it means 
> that it works for everyone else as well. Yes, I probably should update
> it for the new revision of the gpgme and SWIG and probably add
> installation for the Windows..

Yes, this would be cool, even if it is just a remark saying that it
works with the latest version. 

> And what's the problem with using SWIG? It helps to have python bindings
> for any library in no time.

Our experience with a few libraries wrapped in SWIG is that it tends to be 
hard on the interesting interface cases and usually produces binding that are 
not very pythonic nor high level. Thus we went back doing direct wrappers 
without SWIG as it did caused more work whenever we had a special case and
interface tend to consist out out special causes.

> Let me know exactly what are your expectations from such bindings and
> I'll try to help.

I would want Mailman and roundup to be able to receive and send encrypted 
emails, at some point in time we will give it a shot with pyme and then you 
will get reports. ;)


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