sending interactive passwords

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jul 1 08:28:52 CEST 2008

On Tue,  1 Jul 2008 00:40, kristo at said:

> I'm not sure I'm talking about exactly the same thing, but I'm using
> GnuPG 1.4.7 on window$ and gpg-agent does not work, nor pinentry.

It will not work.  Use GnuPG-2 instead (2.0.9 or later); it is available
as a Beta version from the download page.  gpg2 is even
installed as gpg with that installer.

> Is the gpg-agent + pinentry issue solved in the 1.4.9 version ?

There is no need to use 1.4.9 and gpg-agent.

> And, can I install the 1.4.9 without uninstalling the 1.4.7 ?

In theory yes, but it does not make any sense.



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